Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds

Recreate First Date For 10-Year Anniversary

The famous couple had something incredible planned for the day.

Lively and Reynolds were married on September 9, 2012, and took a trip to O Ya, a sushi restaurant in Boston, for their anniversary. It was the spot of their first date.

"If it weren't for this place. We wouldn't be together. No joke," Lively wrote on her IG Story. "No restaurant means more to us."

“10 years later, we still go out on our first date. But in much more comfortable shoes,” she continued. Ryan shared a picture of the couple with the staff.

Blake & Ryan first met on the set of the 2010 film, 'The Green Lantern.' He recently referred to it as the “anus of the universe called Green Lantern,” but clearly, something good came out of it.

His unique sense of humor is clearly one reason that they are still going strong. They share three daughters, hence why he joked that he was Blake's "4th favorite date."