Billy Bush knows what it’s like to get engulfed in a public scandal and bounce back from it.

The “Extra” host got into a TON of hot water following his “Access Hollywood” interview with Donald Trump from the early 2000s.

You know the interview I’m talking about.

The former President of the United States joked to Bush that he could simply grab women by the p***y, and Bush smiled, laughed and agreed with him.

The entertainment news host was fired from ‘Access’ and his entire world imploded.

However, years later, Bush is back in the entertainment news space and working on-camera.

Speaking to TMZ, Bush said he thinks Holmes and Robach should start their own TV show together.

He believes Robach and Holmes could “do a podcast together” and then “another show or whatever.”

“I think they should work together. I think they do a great job,” he said.