Billie Eilish

Fans Think She Shaded Jennifer Lopez At The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards Is the shade real?

Billie Eilish appeared to look completely over Jennifer Lopez at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards, so much so that Eilish's fans began to speculate.

The fans went wild as J.Lo. took the stage to present at the VMAs. However, the MTV cameras caught Billie's expression at that very moment, and she seemed less than impressed.

Caught on Cam

Eilish didn’t clap, smile, or even budge as Lopez was introduced and made her way across the stage to present.

The camera seemed to linger on Billie's unimpressed blank stare, which caused fans to think that she isn't a J.Lo. fan.


Despite the lack of evidence about Billie's feelings toward the music icon, fans took to social media to push their theories.

“Billie has taste,” an Eilish fan wrote when discussing why the "Therefore I Am" singer looked like that.

Some fans pointed the blame at MTV producers for allegedly stirring up controversy by noticing Billie's expression before cutting to her. Can't we all just get along?!