Girl groups have had a huge impact since they first became popular back in 1927, with groups such as the Hamilton Sisters and Fordyce, later known as the Three X Sisters.

There have been many successful girl groups and several who stood out but eventually disbanded for various reasons, such as the striking out of a member.

The Spice Girls were hugely successful and dominated the music scene for years with songs like Wannabe and Viva Forever.

They were also huge fashion inspirations and have been credited as inspiration by several of today's artists like Little mix and Adele.

Destiny's Child was an iconic girl band with several songs like “Survivor,” “Say My Name,” and “Bootylicious” that had them topping global music charts.

They eventually disbanded but got back together for a final album and tour in 2004, after which they went their separate ways to establish successful solo careers.

The Pussycat dolls gave the music industry several songs like Buttons and Jai Ho that has remained hit songs till this day.

Due to the favoritism of one particular member and lack of recognition, the other group members walked away to set up color careers and ended the group.

Fifth Harmony was formed at The X Factor USA in 2012 and was hugely successful until Camilla Cabello first left. After a while, Normani left, at which point the group went on a permanent hiatus.