Bebe Rexha, the ‘Say My Name’ singer is feeling down in the dumps mostly because of weight gain.

She took to TikTok recently and was emotional in the video, speaking about how her weight was ‘embarrassing’.

The 32-year-singer has always been body positive and an advocate for curves, but for now her usual exuberance has deserted her.

She also said that she felt ‘disgusting in her body’ and was not feeling the holiday cheer as she should.

Rexha stated that this was one reason why she had not been posting regular content in TikTok because she was not comfortable anymore.

This TikTok video came after she tweeted a rather affirming “To the person who is feeling down this holiday season, you got this and you will get through. Sending you love ❤️” on December 21.

Bebe Rexha also suffers from bipolar disorder so this may be a good time for her family and friends to stage an intervention.

In earlier interviews, Rexha was more than happy about her curves and her a**, and told the fans that this is what it they would get.

Fans are still sending her plenty of body-positive love on social media, calling her curves “out of the world”.