Bam Margera

In Danger of Losing Custody of Son, Wife Makes Legal Move She wants monitored visitation.

According to docs obtained by The Blast, Nicole Margera filed a custody petition regarding her 3-year-old son, Phoenix Wolf, whom she shares with Bam.

Nicole is requesting both sole legal and physical custody of Phoenix. She is also requesting that Bam be allowed supervised visitation.

She's also requesting that the supervision be, “With a professional monitor to be selected by Respondent, but approved by Petitioner‚ at Respondent’s sole expense.”

It’s unclear what triggered Nicole to file the petition, but escalating public episodes with Bam have no doubt played a part in her decision.

To be clear, Nicole is not filing for a split with Bam and is making it clear in her documents that she is still married to the former “Jackass” star.

Although she's been the target of much of Bam’s verbal abuse, she has stayed supportive of him and appears to have tried to keep the family unit intact.

Nicole is still waiting for a judge to rule on the filing, and Bam will undoubtedly have something to say about it.