Armie Hammer’s rape accuser recently spoke out following his recent interview where he denied all sexual assault allegations.

Effie Angelova called the actor manipulative for his statements.

According to Angelova, the actor is trying to shut her up.

She also said that Hammer’s suicide story was an attempt at gaining sympathy.

Angelova added that she had heard his ocean suicide story before, and he used it to guilt her into being quiet.

Hammer in his interview with Air Mail, claimed that his youth pastor abused him when he was 13.

He revealed that the act introduced him to “sexuality” in a crude way and caused his interest in weird kinks.

Angelova said Hammer abused her mentally, sexually, and emotionally while they dated.

Hammer claimed that Angelova was the one who planned out the rape scene, tagging it a “consensual non-consent scene. CNC.”