On Ariana Grande’s birthday, her longtime stalker broke into her home in California, violating his restraining order.

He was arrested after he triggered security alarms and has now been arraigned and put behind bars.

The man, Aharon Brown, was arrested last year after he showed up at Grande’s LA home with a large hunting knife.

Grande filed for a restraining order against Brown, and the court granted her a five-year order.

The singer said she was fearful for the safety of herself and her family members and that Brown would hurt them.

Brown kept harassing and stalking Grande and then chose to travel to her California home.

The police have arraigned him on charges of burglary, stalking, damaging power lines, and violating a court order.

In May 2020, Grande and her mother, Joan, applied for a restraining order against a stalker named Fidel Henriquez.

Grande posted a cute throwback video of her on her Instagram to celebrate her 29th birthday.