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Ariana Grande

Shuts Down Rumors She’s Featured On Kanye’s ‘Donda’ Album

She did it in a very classy way!!!

Superfans of the "Thank You, Next" singer got a little out of hand when they assumed that Grande's vocals were featured on Kanye West's album, "Donda."

Ari set the record straight in a very classy way & gave credit to the singer whom she was confused for... plus, she may not want to be associated with the hype surrounding Ye's album.

“You sound so beautiful @thestalone,” Grande wrote on her IG story. Stalone was obviously flattered and replied, "Still so humbled and excited. Thank you again, Ari.”


Stalone also took to Twitter and continued to express her gratitude.


STALONE @thestalone

“I love Ari and so grateful that my vocals would even be compared to hers.”

The Grammy-winning recording artist added, “I’m just blessed to be a part of such an incredible album.”

Props to Stalone for a job well done and props to Ariana for always handling herself with class!!!!!