Anthony Anderson will reprise his role as Detective Bernard in the return of "Law & Order."

The actor begins shooting at 5 a.m. on Wednesday, December 8.

Anderson expressed his excitement about venturing into a new creative field with his NBC character.

The 51-year-old played Detective Bernard before the show was taken off air in 2010.

Anderson wanted his 21-year-old son Nathan to play Andre Jr. in "Black-ish."

The producer said Nathan's off-the-charts swag factor prevented him from embodying the nerdy role.

Anderson also parents 25-year-old Kyra, a graduate student at the University of Houston, with partner Alvina.

The father-of-two credited taking the COVID-19 vaccine to his age, Type 2 diabetes, and socialization benefits.

Anderson teased that the 2022 final season of "Black-ish" will wrap up all loose ends.