Ant Anstead

The Host Is ‘Grateful’ for Relationship With Renée Zellweger Days After Going Instagram Official

Ant Anstead told the world he is full of gratitude for his girlfriend of four months, Renée Zellweger.

The 'Celebrity IOU: Joyride' host told 'PEOPLE (the TV show!)' there is no hiding the fact that he and Zellweger are a couple.

"I mean, there's no hiding it," Ant said after going Instagram official earlier this month. "Everyone knows that Renée and I are dating."

No Hiding

"I'm really grateful to the show because these amazing things happen in your world and sometimes when things collide, they collide at the most obscure times when you least expect them."

"And that's what happened in this case," Anstead continued, "I'm grateful for that."

Very Grateful!!!

Anstead shared a black and white pic of himself cuddling up to Renée on September 15. He didn’t include a caption, but a pic is worth a thousand words!

The two actually met on the set of 'Celebrity IOU: Joyride' when she gifted two custom cars to her late publicist's sons.