Brad Pitt's high over the audience liking his cool performance in "Bullet Train" might have just come crashing down.

News of Angelina Jolie being the 'Jane Doe' plaintiff against a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed against the FBI has made the headlines.

The documents that Jane Doe wants are the ones filed about the verbal altercation and alleged "abuse" on a plane ride, between Pitt, Jolie, and Maddox, who was 15 at the time.

In 2016, a Pitt-Jolie argument turned physical on a private plane trip, witnessed by all six kids, who were minors at the time.

This led to Jolie filing for immediate divorce proceedings and seeking full custody of the children.

At the time, there were abuse allegations against Brad Pitt, accused of physically assaulting Maddox and also Jolie.

After the FBI investigation, the case was closed and Pitt was not charged. But now, Jolie is suing the FBI, under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

She’s seeking the documents filed by the FBI, which sources say she’s had all along since the six years passed.

According to various media reports, it seems Brad Pitt feels that the sole reason why Jolie is not letting the matter rest, is to 'hurt' him