Opens Up About ‘Horrible’ Child Custody Battle, Confesses It Made Her Life Feel ‘Broken’

Angelina Jolie

While the ugly divorce battle between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt seems never-ending, it is definitely taking a toll on the actress.

Despite not being able to say too much, in fear of legal ramifications, Jolie recently opened up to The Guardian about her custody situation.

The publication pressed her during the interview to speak plainly when she mentioned being fearful. She didn't reply but signaled that she was referring to her divorce with a nod.

The interviewer asked if she was fearful for her children, and she replied, “Yes, for my family. My whole family.”

“I’m not the kind of person who makes decisions like the decisions I had to make lightly. It took a lot for me to be in a position where I felt I had to separate from the father of my children.”

While refusing to speak openly about the ongoing legal proceedings, she did admit that it has been traumatic and has left her feeling "broken."

“There’s a lot I can’t say,” she said. “Even if you and a few people you love are the only people who know the truth of your life," Jolie explained, "you come to be at peace with that."