Kyle Richards has been an open book to her fans regarding all the cosmetic procedures she has undergone.

However, it'd seem like she hasn't been so honest as she didn't share her latest procedure with her fans.

This was accidentally revealed by Andy Cohen on his show.

Cohen casually asked Richards how her breast reduction was coming along to the stars surprise.

Realizing that he had accidentally outed her, a shocked Cohen gasped and covered his mouth in surprise.

Following Cohen's profuse apologies, Richard eventually let him off the hook and then revealed that she indeed had breast reduction surgery.

She also added that while it might not look like she had a breast reduction surgery as her boobs were still swollen, the surgery allowed her to lead a bra-free life.

She also made it clear that she was not a liar and had been honest about every surgery and cosmetic procedure she's had over the years.

Before this, she had two rhinoplasties and liposuction cosmetic procedures.