Andrew Tate has lung cancer.

The disgraced social influencer is currently behind bars in Romania. His manager confirmed the news on Instagram.

“Ok a lot of people are asking me if Tate lung cancer story is true. Yes it’s true, I was the one driving with him to and from the hospitals in Dubai. I don’t have any more specifics to share,” @thesartorialshooter wrote on his Instagram Story.

It’s unknown how long he’s been battling lung cancer, but it’s clear he was diagnosed before His arrest in December.

According to a Daily Mail report, Tate confirmed he had a “dark spot on his lung’ that is most likely a tumor.”

His team told the outlet, the kickboxer attended a medical consultation with doctors in Dubai about his “serious” health condition that must “not be taken lightly” before he was arrested in December.

He’s been receiving medical treatment in Romania for it, and Tate ensures he’s remaining “strong” and “in good shape.”

Tate’s doctors in Duabi and Romania revealed he has a lesion on his upper right lung.

The last time he visited a hospital in Dubai was December 5th and he got a chest x-ray.