On Tuesday, NBC aired the first part of their interview with Amber Heard.

Savannah Guthrie came out swinging against what Heard said on the stand.

She read her back her own transcripts of when she admitted to starting fights with Depp.

“Twenty-second clips or the transcripts of them are not representative of the two hours or three hours that those clips are taken from,” Heard said.

Guthrie then asked why her lawyers didn’t submit the whole 2-3 hours as evidence.

“I’m not a lawyer,” Heard responded.

Guthrie said that Depp testified that he never hit her and Heard said that was a lie.

Heard insisted that she told the truth on the stand, calling the relationship “very, very toxic.”

“We were awful to each other,” Heard said, before she admitted that she made “a lot of mistakes.”