It wasn't easy for Amanda Seyfried and Bradley Cooper to reprise their roles as lovers in "Mama Mia 2; Here We Go Again". They were once a couple but had broken up long ago.

Seyfried and Cooper's romance began in 2008 when they starred in the first installment of the movie, "Mamma Mia!."

After their breakup, both went on to date other individuals, and in 2017, Seyfried married Thomas Sadoski.

Cooper was aware that working with an ex could be unpleasant, but that wasn't the case when he and Seyfried agreed to do the “Mama Mia!” sequel.

He revealed that while it was a "sensitive" situation, it was "wonderful to spend time" with her again.

Seyfried previously told The Mirror that, while she and Cooper remained friends following their breakup, her husband, Sadoski, isn't convinced Cooper's affections are over.

She found it cute that her husband thought that, and said she’d feel the same way if she was in his position.

Sadoski and Seyfried first met each other in 2015, when they were both casts in the off-Broadway musical "The Way We Get By."

They confirmed their relationship in March 2016, got engaged just a few months later, and married the following year.