Alyssa Milano reaps the benefits of a cold plunge!

The actress went on Instagram and shared a picture of her activity.

Milano slipped into a black one-piece.

The suit boasted a plunging neckline and a sleeveless design.

Its stretchy fabric also clung to her curves.`

The update showed Milano posing next to the tub.

Unfortunately, she did’t film herself doing the whole thing, but she did reveal that she had about “4 seconds” exposure time.

Milano wrote in the caption: “This is me about to get into a cold plunge. It took me 15 minutes to talk myself into getting in it and once I got in…it was just as un-delightful as I thought it would be.”

She added: “Tomorrow I’m going to try to elongate my exposure time from 4 seconds to 6 seconds. Wish me luck.”