Aerosmith had to disappoint fans again when they canceled their show set for Friday because of Tyler.

They noted that he suddenly fell ill and had to be treated as they apologized for the short notice.

The band also informed fans on where they could get refunds for their tickets.

It would not be the first time they had to cancel a show because of the lead vocalist as they had done so earlier in the year.

It was reported that they had to put their summer residency shows set for June and July on hold because he voluntarily checked himself into rehab.

The band released a statement that Tyler relapsed into drug use via pain medication for his wounded foot.

They regrettably explained that the cancellation was to enable their team member concentrate on getting better.

The "(It) Feels So Good" star was released after a month’s stay in the rehabilitation facility.

Sources reported that although he spent more time than usual there he came out looking fresh and better looking.