Adele addressed the viral clip of herself at the Super Bowl during her ongoing Las Vegas residency.

The English singer went viral for her appearance at the highly anticipated event.

Donning a black dress at her residency, the singer confirmed fans' theories about her acts at the sports event.

She began by jokingly stating how tough it was for her to be a "constant meme."

The "Hello" songstress further revealed that she got bombarded with texts because of the viral meme.

Adele noted that she said "Rihanna was going to be fine" in the trending video.

She also hinted that she wasn't aware that the "umbrella" singer was pregnant.

Fans earlier engaged in a Twitter conversation about how Adele eagerly anticipated Rihanna's performance.

She was also the center of online discussions following her acceptance speech at the 2023 Grammys.