Adele is officially a Las Vegas ICON!

The British singer debuted her highly anticipated “Weekends with Adele” residency on November 18th, to massive fanfare.

It was a very emotional debut and Adele could not hold back her tears.

She took the stage on Friday telling the audience, “I’m so nervous and I’m so scared and I’m so happy... Thank you so much for coming back to me... It looks just like I imagined it would.”

Adele said “coming back to me,” because her residency was originally scheduled to debut in January.

However, since taking the stage at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace Adele has faced a new set of Vegas drama.

According to reports, Adele is not staying at Caesar’s Palace during her four-month residency.

She’s staying at The Wynn due to a disagreement over suite availability at Caesar’s.

“It’s a snub in many ways but she’s a superstar who can kind of do whatever she wants,” one source said.