A few days ago, Adele had the internet ecstatic, after revealing that she would be releasing her first single since 2015. This is "Easy On Me," as it's scheduled for an October 15 release date.

Over the last few years, Adele has looked different, in regards to her body, compared to when she first became a superstar, 13 years ago.

Adele has slimmed down a lot, as fans have been impressed by the progress she made, in her weight loss.

In a new interview with Vogue's November cover story, she dived into this topic, and revealed that she was able to lose weight, due to her managing her anxiety.

"It became my time, explained Adele, regarding workouts that she put in, at a gym in West Hollywood, CA. "I realized that when I was working out, I didn't have any anxiety.”

It was never about losing weight. “

Adele also spoke with British Vogue, and revealed that she became "quite addicted" to exercising.

Adele also revealed that people were initially shocked at her weight loss success. This was due to the fact that she didn't publicly document the work that she was putting in

Adele added that the "worst part" of all the criticism was what other women were saying about her body. She admitted that this definitely hurt her feelings, and emphasized that women deserve to enjoy any body type that they have.