Addison Rae Breaks Silence On MET Gala Attendance

She finally responded to rumors and backlash about her possible attendance.

Addison proved that she has a good sense of humor by responding to a meme poking fun at the fact that she got an invite to the most-anticipated fashion event of the year.

"Fans" took to social media to express their shock that Addison allegedly got the invite and artists like Doja Cat and Olivia Rodrigo didn't.

A meme about Addison being mistaken for a waitress by Lady Gaga quickly went viral. The OG meme started when Gaga actually confused Ed Sheeran for a waiter at the 2015 Grammys.


“*Met Gala* Lady Gaga: ‘Waitress can you get me a champagne’ Addison Rae: ‘I’m Addison Rae’ Lady Gaga: ‘Okay Addison Rae get me some champagne’”

Addison proved she could take a joke, retweeted the meme, and wrote, "I would do anything for you, Lady Gaga."


Perhaps she got the invite because she doesn't take herself too seriously, and Anna Wintour has an excellent sense of humor (not likely)!