Actor George Clooney has hinted that he may be retiring.

The 60-year-old appears to be more selective with the projects he’s undertaking.

He also noted to “The Guardian” that there aren’t many interesting parts right now in the film industry that he’d like to take on.

Clooney was recently offered $35 million to act in an airline ad – but he turned it down.

That means, he turned down $35 million for one day of filming.

Clooney passed on the opportunity because he didn’t agree with the company’s values, and didn’t want to lose sleep over his decision.

Clooney can stand to lose that kind of money because his net worth is $500 million.

However, that $35 million would have been double what he earned for starring in Ocean’s 11.

Seemingly his focus is more on his family more than acting right now.