On Thursday, February 10, Aaron Rodgers became a four-time Most Valuable Player award winner.

The National Football League crowned Rodgers his title over Tom Brady and Cooper Kupp.

Rodgers won 50 votes from the Associated press while Brady and Kupp received 10 and 1, respectively.

The Green Bay quarterback said his MVP awards are special, but his 2022 win "feels the sweetest."

Rodgers admitted he almost retired from the NFL last offseason but chose not to quit.

MVP voter Hub Arkush previously stated he would not be voting for Rodgers over his COVID stance.

Rodgers came under fire in 2021 after testing positive to COVID-19 after insinuating he was immunized.

The quarterback clarified that he was on the animal dewormer Ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies.

Despite being statistically incorrect, Rodgers posited that unvaccinated players are not "dangerous superspreaders