Aaron Carter took to Twitter on Thursday to call out some haters.

A Twitter user wrote: “It's been a hot minute since I really have been following along with the #aaroncarter b-llsh-te. I was doing my best to enjoy my already s--k a-- holidays. Seems a sh-t ton is going on. Gonna try to get caught up.”

The tweet angered him, so he responded: “Girl go take a walk outside i don’t even know wtf you just said. You don’t like me but you stay gobbling 🦃 about me? Lol”

Another troll mocked his music: “I’ve noticed it too! His views plummet as soon as he starts playing 'his beats' 😂”

Carter fired back by writing, “Views plummet but blogs don’t,” adding Billboard’s recent article about him.

Carter has experienced cyberbullying throughout the years.

In 2019, he went on “The Doctors” and explained why he’s not ignoring the trolls.

He said, “It doesn't stop. I'm constantly accused of being a crackhead in a meth head and I have AIDS.”

Carter also noted, “I want the rest of the world to follow suit with what I'm doing. Stop ignoring a hater and a bully. You're making our world worse, in my opinion.”