Last year, “90 Day Fiancé” star, Stephanie Matto, went viral for selling her farts.

She revealed she was made $100,000.00 from selling her farts in a jar.

Insanely, the small business venture worked, and Stephanie was pulling in over $50,000 A WEEK!

Her video received over 6 million views and she was internet famous.

However, she recently experienced heart attack-like symptoms due to her gassy profession.

To preserve her health, Stephanie has decided to sell her fart jars as NFTs.

On January 4, she announced the launch of her NFT business on Instagram.

She wrote, “Today we make history AGAIN! Weeks ago we grossed almost 200k in fart jar sales and today it is the official launch of my fart jar NFT’s🍾!”

“100 NFT’s unlock a REAL physical jar and so much more it’ll make you explode with excitement. Get your hands on a unique piece of fartastic excellence,” she ended her caption.