Butch Marion, the 82-year-old Walmart employee who went viral on TikTok in 2022, is back in the dating pool.

The Navy veteran was working at Walmart and was unable to retire at his old age due to the rising costs of living.

The Maryland employee worked 30 hours a week at the store, and was unable to retire due to the rising cost of living.

Rory McCarty, a Walmart customer who had Butch as his checkout attendant, started a GoFundMe to put toward his retirement.

McCarty found out that days before Thanksgiving, Butch’s girlfriend of 13-years dumped him.

McCarty not only was able to raise $118k for Butch, but he also set him up on a date with his mother-in-law.

He shared the date night on his TikTok account.

McCarty captioned the video, “Hot date with Butch and Nana #retire #date #datenight #dinner #GetCrackin.”

In addition to the $108k check Butch received from the initial GoFundMe donation, McCarty revealed that he received another $51,120.82.