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Don Imus Sued by Legendary Sportscaster Warner Wolf for Age Discrimination

By TheBlast Staff

Two of the most legendary voices in New York — sportscaster Warner Wolf and radio personality Don Imus — are embroiled in a bitter lawsuit over Wolf's firing from Imus' show.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Wolf claims Imus told Wolf he was letting him go because Wolf's work — which had moved from New York to Florida – just wasn't working out.

But Wolf claims that wasn't the reason at all; he believes he was canned because of his age.

Wolf claims "Imus once commented that it was 'time to put [Mr. Wolf) out to pasture' and 'shoot him with an elephant dart gun.'"

He also says he was replaced by someone significantly younger than him — Wolf is 80 (78 when he was fired) and his replacement, Sid Rosenberg, is 50.

In the suit, Warner also claims his deal called him to receive 26 weeks of severance, which he says he did not receive.

Wolf is suing Imus and three executives from the radio station. He is seeking unspecified damages.

We reached out to an attorney for Imus — so far, no word back.

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