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Vogue Sues Website Over 'Black Vogue' Clothing Line

By TheBlast Staff

According to Vogue, neon colors, oversized coats, and three-dimensional sparkle are soooooo in for Fall 2018 and trademark infringement is out.

The owners of the iconic magazine, Advance Magazine Publishers, are going after a small website for selling t-shirts and sweatshirts that say "Black Vogue" across the front.

Vogue claims a woman named Nareasha Willis began selling the clothes on her website even though they claim she filed to trademark "Black Vogue" but was denied because "her mark is confusingly similar to Plaintiff's registered Vogue trademarks."

Once they learned of the attempted trademark, Vogue claims they contacted Willis requesting she stop pursuing the trademark and when she refused, they issued a "final demand" for her to stop selling the "Black Vogue" merchandise.

Vogue shirts

Vogue claims Willis' use of "Black Vogue" is "highly likely to cause confusion" with their company and will damage their reputation.

They are suing for trademark infringement and want a judge to issue an order stopping Willis from using the "Black Vogue" name.

Vogue is also seeking any profits Willis might have made from the clothing.

The Blast reached out Nareasha Willis for comment — so far, no word back.

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