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Vince Vaughn Gets Juiced After DUI Arrest

By TheBlast Staff

Vince Vaughn really, really wants everyone to know he's drinking green juice and trying to get healthy after his DUI arrest over the weekend.

The "Old School" star was spotted Monday afternoon walking around Manhattan Beach carrying a healthy green cocktail. He walked in and out of stores, then up and down the street to ensure that his mug was shot in a different light than the other night.

Seriously, Vaughn is not someone who usually parades in front of the paparazzi while at home, and the whole ordeal looks like it's slowly killing him inside, but he powered through and delivered the goods.

Vince Vaughn

As we reported, the star was arrested over the weekend in Manhattan Beach while going through a sobriety checkpoint. He was also booked for resisting arrest before bailing out of jail a short time later.

If you had to guess how Vaughn was feeling about the whole situation ... you'd have to put on the ol' "earmuffs."

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