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Pitchman Vince Shlomi's Estranged Wife Says She Got Cheated Out Of 'Crank Chop' Money

By TheBlast Staff

The guy who made a name for himself pitching the ShamWow allegedly bamboozled his estranged wife out of money she was owed for another As Seen On TV product.

According to documents filed by Melody Barney in her divorce against Vince Shlomi, she "substantially contributed" to Vince's career by assisting and helping him launch and develop the "Crank Chop."

Barney says she cranked it out for over two years while regularly accompanying Vince on business meetings, checking on warehouses, managing product, handling exporting and shipping, being a secretary, managing Vince's company, dealing with customer relations and speaking with factories.

She claims to have never collected a salary, and now after dedicating herself to Vince's career she is strapped for cash while dealing with the divorce.

She explains that the family, including their daughter Ariana, live an upper-class lifestyle of 5-star resorts and first class flights. She says the family is accustomed to traveling internationally three times per year, using an American Express Platinum card and living in a 3-story home in the Pacific Palisades.

Since filing for divorce, Barney claims she and her daughter have downsized to a small studio apartment in Santa Monica while Vince lives in the marital home.

She also claims that he took back a Cadillac Escalade, which had been a Christmas gift, and she is currently driving around town in a Toyota Corolla.

Barney says the couple has a prenuptial agreement, but is calling into question the ability to enforce the document. She claims Shlomi has close to $700,000 in assets.

In contrast, she claims to be currently employed as a salesperson for a merchandise booth at a local street fair. She usually earns around $4 per month, but last month was rough and she made zilch.

For the time being, Barney is asking for attorneys fees of $60,000 and another $10,000 for forensic accounting services.

The Blast broke the story, Shlomi and his wife split up last month after 4 years of marriage.

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