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‘Veep’ Production Suspended While Julia Louis-Dreyfus Battles Cancer

HBO has decided to suspend production of the final season of “Veep” while their star is treated for breast cancer.

Showrunner Frank Rich revealed in a recent interview regarding Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the show, saying Julia Louis-Dreyfus Julia is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and we’re obviously postponing production of the show.”

He says while the show waits for Louis-Dreyfus to return, they’ve been keeping busy, “We have one more season we’re doing, which we’re incredibly excited about. Rather impressively, while we wait for her to gather her full strength, around her treatment, we’ve been having with the cast in Los Angeles, table reads of scripts for the final season as they’re ready.”

The actress has been sharing her journey and battle against cancer, including photos of herself after receiving chemotherapy treatment.