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Usher's Herpes Accuser Rips Singer After He Blames Her for Not Bringing Condom to Alleged Sexual Encounters

By TheBlast Staff

One of the women accusing Usher of giving her herpes is firing back at the singer for trying to place the blame on her and is demanding her lawsuit continue on, despite his attempts to have it tossed out of court.

Earlier this year, Laura Helm sued Usher for a second time over her claim he gave her herpes. She had previously sued him over the same claims but dismissed her case voluntarily.

Helm claimed she was platonic friends with the singer and they shared mutual friends. She say he began “overtly and continually seeking a sexual interest” with her, which culminated with them sleeping together twice during April 2017; once in Atlanta and once in New Orleans.

She claimed to have used a condom once but says they had unprotected sex the other time. Helm says she later discovered bumps on her cheek and in her vagina. She eventually got tested after reading online that the singer had allegedly settled with another woman over the STD.

Helm sued Usher seeking unspecified damages and even accused him of assault, claiming he forced her to have unprotected oral sex without her consent.

Usher filed docs demanding the case be thrown out, saying Helm assumed any risks when she allegedly engaged in unprotected casual consensual sex.

He pointed out that she “is silent as to whether she brought a condom to his hotel room, asked him to wear a condom (to which he refused), and/or even discussed the use of a condom or other protection with him.”

Usher says she failed to mention if she had any STDs prior to sleeping with him or if she had even been tested previously. He claimed she may have even been given herpes by an old sexual partner.

Usher denied all allegations of wrongdoing and sought to have Helm pay his legal bills in the case.

Recently, Helm went back to court blasting Usher for trying to place the blame on her for contracting herpes.

She writes, “Defendant audaciously requests this Court to support his self-serving notion that an individual infected with an incurable virus owes no duty regarding his 'hidden defect' to a potential sexual partner."

Helm says Usher tries to blame her by suggesting that all unknowing sexual partners assume the risk of being infected when having intercourse.

Helm blasts him for arguing it’s not his responsibility to warn anybody prior to having sexual relations. She says for him to suggest that she was required to bring protection for their sexual encounter means he believes safe sex responsibilities fall solely on women.

She says his motion to dismiss is nothing more than "a shallow attempt to divert responsibility" away from himself and lay all the blame on her.

Helm is asking the court not grant Usher’s motion to dismiss the case and wants the case to continue on.

The case is ongoing.

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