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Veterinary Hospital Denies Castrating NBA Star Udonis Haslem's Show Dog Without Consent

By TheBlast Staff

The Florida-based veterinary hospital, Udonis Haslem accused of neutering his dog without consent, is demanding the NBA star’s lawsuit against them be dismissed.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the Florida-based veterinary hospital and the man who performed surgery on Haslem’s dog Juice, both deny all allegations of wrongdoing.

They claim Haslem did admit his dog earlier this year to their hospital, where they successfully removed a rope he had swallowed.

The court docs claim Haslem did indeed consent to the castration of his dog, despite the NBA star's claim otherwise. They claim Haslem authorized the procedure to neuter his dog Juice and they acted with the standard care that all practitioners in veterinarian medicine use.

They are demanding the entire case be thrown out.

Juice is a champion show dog that Haslem claims was making him thousands of dollars from the same of semen samples from the Cane Corso dog. He claims samples go from $3,500 - $10,000, depending on the dog.

The NBA star accused the company Murber Inc. aka LeadER Animal Specialty Hospital of negligence.

Udonis Haslem claimed he took Juice to the vet to remove rope he had swallowed. The hospital was able to remove the rope but they also "castrated" the dog. Haslem said he never consented to the surgery and claimed if it was done to a human, it would be considered battery.

He claimed to have spent $30k on training Juice to be a watchdog for his family, especially since he is away for long periods of time in the NBA. "As a castrated dog," Haslem argued, "Juice is now too tame to serve in the capacity of a watchdog."

Haslem sued for unspecified damages for the alleged lost profits.

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