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Tyrese Wants to Strip Custody of Daughter Away from Ex, Move Her to Atlanta

By TheBlast Staff

Tyrese Gibson is asking a judge to give him primary custody of his daughter and allow her to move to Atlanta to live with him ... saying she'll live in the lap of luxury if the judge signs off.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Gibson says it is in "Shayla's best interest" to relocate from Los Angeles (where she lives with her mother) to Atlanta. As The Blast previously reported, Gibson was awarded 50/50 custody of Shayla last year but now he is seeking primary physical custody.

In his deposition, Gibson says he has "created a stable and loving environment" for his daughter in Atlanta. He notes that he lives "in a 23,000 square foot home in an affluent and safe neighborhood in Atlanta."

Gibson says Shayla has her own room and bathroom in his home, complete with a bed and an extra set of bunk beds for her friends to stay overnight.

He says the home is in a safe community where Atlanta police constantly patrol the area at all times. In addition, Tyrese says Shayla would attend a highly-rated private school and have access to a highly-rated tutor.

Tyrese also argues that the quality of life is better in Atlanta than Los Angeles, citing the lack of paparazzi — a page from the Halle Berry custody playbook.

"In Atlanta ... we are free to move around the city without being harassed or photographed," Tyrese says. He says he is often forced to avoid going out in public with Shayla because of the media attention.

Gibson says if Shayla was allowed to move to Atlanta, he would make sure she kept up a good relationship with her mother, Norma, even offering to pay for Shayla to fly back to Los Angeles for visits.

By contrast, he claims if Shayla remains in Los Angeles, that Norma "will continue to interfere in my relationship and my custodial time with Shayla and will not facilitate my relationship with her."

A judge has yet to rule.

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