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Trump-Kim Singapore Summit Coins Still Going Forward Despite Lack of Summit

By TheBlast Staff

Donald Trump may not be meeting with the leaders of North and South Korea, but you can still pretend the summit went down with a keepsake from the White House gift shop at a discounted price!

An official from the White House gift shop tells The Blast the commemorative ornament and coin for the Singapore nuclear summit will be "going forward" even though Trump canceled.

We're told the commemorative coin that has been shown in the news (above) is not the coin that will be made available for purchase. Rougly 250 coins are generated by military aides after the announcement of a public trip, which is then given to the team going abroad and also to the foreign dignitaries of that particular nation. This particular coin features Trump facing Kim Jong Un facing each other under a banner that reads "Peace Talks."

The gift shop told us a separate coin and ornament will be produced for sale to the public, and that they are still available for pre-order. Both products were available online Thursday, albeit discounted for a "Deal of the Day" price.

We are told that refunds are also available now that the summit is not happening, but apparently many who have already purchased made it clear they wanted the keepsakes regardless.

The White House

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