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Man Claims He Got Jumped After Gambling with Trey Songz in Las Vegas

By TheBlast Staff

A guy claims he suffered a "split jaw" after playing craps with Trey Songz and claims he was beat up for just trying to retrieve his lost phone.

According to the police report obtained by The Blast, Dangelo Mack claims he was playing craps with Songz and other guys on May 7 at Ceasars Palace. He claims he accidentally left his phone at the table, and when he returned later it was gone. Upon calling the phone, he claims a woman answered and said he could retrieve it at Planet Hollywood inside one of the rooms that Songz had allegedly rented.

Mack claims when he went to get the phone back, a guy named T-Dot told him to leave. An argument broke out and Mack says T-Dot and two other guys demanded his Presidential Rolex watch, and threatened to "slit" his throat.

The two men allegedly jumped Mack and took his watch and a gold chain. The victim allegedly also lost teeth and suffered a "split jaw" in the attack.

After the fight was reported to police, detectives spoke with T-Dot, who claimed that Mack had stolen credit cards and gaming chips from the group. Detectives didn't buy it and took Mr. Dot into custody. They tracked down and arrested one of the other suspects as well.

Elevator surveillance video provided to investigators also corroborated Mack's account of the incident, including showing T-Dot pry open elevator doors and attack the cowering man.

Trey Songz was not accused of anything by Mack, nor does he appear to be involved in the alleged attack.

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