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Trevor Ariza Burglary, Cops Pinpoint Culprits By Their Cell Phones

By TheBlast Staff

Houston Rockets shooting guard, Trevor Ariza may be one step closer to getting his stolen stuff back, because cops are tracking down the suspects using some pretty cool technology.

LAPD detectives are using the cellular towers near Ariza's San Fernando Valley home to track down the bad guys behind his break-in.

In October of last year, three people shattered Ariza's rear glass door to ransack the house and swipe jewelry, a safe, and two Glock handguns. The suspects ended up getting away in a vehicle driven by at least one more person.

Cops thought the burglars were using their cell phones to communicate with each other and the getaway vehicle as they cased the property, and in doing so utilized the multiple cell towers near the house. Cops wanted to check out the transactional records for the cell towers, also known as a "tower dump."

Investigators scored big, because they were able to grab the numbers for the suspects, and ping them back to the location and time of the burglary.

It's unclear if any of the perps have been nabbed, but cops now have a roadmap straight to their phones.

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