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Travis Scott Wants History of Bailing on Concerts Left Out of $150,000 Battle With Promoter

By TheBlast Staff

Travis Scott’s $150,000 legal battle with a concert promoter is headed to trial but the rapper is pleading for the judge to not allow certain evidence.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Scott does not want the promoter, PJAM, to be allowed to bring up any other concert he has canceled previously in his career. The lawsuit in question is over a canceled 2018 Super Bowl weekend performance.

He says the promoter wants to show evidence of every show when the rapper has either been a no-show or postponed, which he feels would be “unfairly prejudicial” and mislead the jury.

Scott is set to be questioned on the stand during the court trial and his lawyers are demanding any evidence about other concerts unrelated to the case be prohibited from being shown in court.

The rapper argues his attendance track record has no relevance to the case.

The promoter doesn’t see things the same way and is seeking to allow the evidence to be shown.

PJAM says that while Scott is asking to "exclude evidence of Mr. Webster’s habit of canceling performances at the last minute. Mr. Webster is famous for, among other things, fathering a Kardashian child. It is no coincidence that he canceled the performance at issue in this lawsuit just two days after the much-anticipated birth."

They claim he has a long history of canceling shows on short notice and believe the evidence is relevant. They list seven other shows from 2016 until as recently as March 2019, where he has canceled for a variety of excuses.

PJAM says they will show he has a habit of this and wants Scott’s plea denied.

A judge has yet to rule.

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As The Blast first reported, PJAM sued the rapper for allegedly bailing on a 2018 Super Bowl weekend show, despite them having paid him $150,000.

PJAM said they booked Scott to perform at a Minneapolis nightclub and even hired a private jet for him and dropped thousands on promoting the show, only for him to cancel last minute. The promoter noted this happened right after “Kylie Kardashian gives birth to his child” (the lawyer means Kylie Jenner).

They sued demanding $150,000 plus in damages.

The rapper counter-sued the promoter, accusing them of having never confirmed his travel plans and leaving him in the dark. He accused them of not having enough money to cover the expenses per their deal and took issue with the promoter speaking to the press, saying it was a breach of their deal.

The case will be headed to trial later this year.

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