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Travis Scott Displays Blond Ambition With Brand New Hairdo

By TheBlast Staff

Travis Scott may be going through something emotionally, because the rapper has joined the ranks of other celebrities drastically turning their hair blond during controversial times in their lives.

The "STARGAZING" rapper performed at Public Arts in NYC for the Tommy X Lewis fashion line launch party and showed off his golden locks.

The hip-hop star is not the first to go blond, but many of his colleagues only take the plunge during very pivotal moments in their lives. Kanye West famously went blond after his meltdown and hospitalization -- and was sporting it when he met with Donald Trump back in 2016.

Kanye West

Justin Bieber also bleached his hair right before getting in that fight during the NBA Championships, of which he is now involved in a legal battle.

Most recently, G-Eazy went platinum blond after his arrest and public breakup with Halsey.

Scott however, has seemed pretty drama free, other than the short-lived beef with Nicki Minaj. However, he is in the Kardashian family, so a little drama is to be expected.

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