‘Bumblebee’ in Battle Royale Over Namesake

“Bumblebee” is like “Highlander,” there can only be one.

Hasbro just filed suit against Warner Bros. and DC Comics for trademark infringement.  The toy giant claims DC’s “Super Hero Girls” version of “Bumblebee” is too close to the “Transformers” Autobot with the same name.

“Bumblebee” is starring in his own “Transformers” movie in 2018, and Hasbro wants to block the sale of a “Super Hero Girl” action figure and Lego set.

The “Super Hero Girl” franchise premiered in 2015 as a revamped universe of pint-sized DC superheroes, but Hasbro locked up a trademark for their “Transformers” character before it aired.

May the best bee win.

Bumblebee toy