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Torrei Hart Says She's Down With Side Chicks, Multiple Wives

By TheBlast Staff

Time does heal all wounds, apparently – seven years after splitting up with Kevin Hart over cheating allegations, Torrei Hart says she's not only down with side chicks, but multiple wives as well.

Hart's ex-wife spoke to Radio One about non-traditional marriages, saying she "likes the Muslim faith ... if you can afford it, you should have an extra wife."

Although it's not a common practice in the U.S., the Qur'an does allow a man to marry up to four wives, provided he can support them all equally.

While she's down with multiple wives, the actress/comedian thinks men just need to be upfront with their desires. While she "appreciates a good side bitch," Hart says there's one caveat: she has to be the main woman.

Hart's change of heart comes after she and Kevin divorced amid cheating rumors, something he has publicly fessed up to. Hart has since remarried and had another child with his new wife, Eniko, and the three successfully co-parent Torrei and Kevin's two children.

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