Tori Spelling Little Bites

Tori Spelling Cooks Up Battle Over Children’s Snack Muffins

Tori Spelling has ignited a debate over snack time, and some people are calling her parenting into question for giving her children delicious muffins and labeling them healthy.

The mom of five posted an advertisement Wednesday on Instagram featuring her kids downing muffins made by Little Bites Snacks and praising the treats for “no high fructose or corn syrup.”

Spelling says it’s “a balancing act between pleasing my kiddos and feeling good as a parent about what I’m feeding them,” but since they have “real ingredients like strawberries, blueberries and bananas” she feels they are a win-win.

Parents were torn over the “Masked Singer” star’s ad, with some claiming she’s clueless about nutrition while others were jumping to her defense.

“This is HEALTHY for you kids?! Um NO,” says one person. “You should definitely not be happy about feeding these to your kids. I know this ad is paying you, but kids should learn healthy eating before it’s too late,” wrote another.

The other side of the spectrum was very vocal too. “Omg people calm the freak down!! Like you never gave your kid a cookie” and “Some of you act like the perfect damn parents, lay off Tori,” are just a few defending comments.

Tori Spelling has yet to address the controversy, but she’s raking in the dough for regardless, so … #momwin?