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Tom Arnold Wants the Pee Tape But the Government Wants Its Taxes

By TheBlast Staff

Tom Arnold was hit with a massive tax lien months after he began production on his television investigation into President Donald Trump ... coincidence? Probably, but still.

On August 23, Arnold and his wife Ashley were hit with a federal tax lien. The lien accuses the actor of refusing to pay up on taxes owed from 2017.

The IRS says Arnold owes a total of $53,610.38 for the year and they want their money ASAP or they can begin the process of seizing his property and assets.

The tax lien was filed roughly three weeks before Arnold would accuse Mark Burnett of choking him during an Emmy party. Arnold filed a police report with LAPD and claimed Burnett “literally tried to murder me.”

Maybe he was just trying to collect for his buddy Donald.

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