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NBA Star Terry Rozier Fights Back Against Costume Company Suing Him Over 'Scream' Mask

By TheBlast Staff

Terry Rozier says he did not rip anyone off in the lawsuit over his merchandise and he is asking a judge to dismiss the case filed against him ASAP.

The Boston Celtics star is responding to the lawsuit filed against him by a costume company named Fun World over his use of the iconic "Ghost Face Mask," which they claim to own the rights to.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Rozier denies all allegations of wrongdoing and claims that his use of the design — to sell merchandise — is fair use and protected parody.

Further, he accuses the company of having invalid copyrights, claiming they obtained them by "affirmative misrepresentations and omissions" to the Copyright Registrar, and therefore he believes they are unenforceable.

He says they do not have the exclusive right to the “Ghost Face Mask” and is demanding the entire lawsuit be tossed out of court.

terry rozier scream mask

In their original lawsuit, Fun World costume company claimed they are the original designer of the “Ghost Face Mask,” and officially licensed it for use in the slasher film and other movies.

Fun World said that as a result of the “Scream” flicks, the “Ghost Face Mask has become widely famous and remains a popular Halloween costume mask.”

Terry Rozier, who goes by the nickname “Scary Terry,” has been hawking shirts and sweatshirts featuring his slogan combined with the infamous mask from the 1996 thriller.

The company said the Boston Celtics player is using their design and copyright without permission, claiming he has “adopted the Ghost Face Mask design as his own mascot and paired the design with his alter ego, 'Scary Terry.'"

Fun World accused Rozier of ripping off their work and making a profit and they are suing for unspecified damages, plus $150,000 per infringement.

They also want an injunction prohibiting the NBA star from continuing to sell the "Scary Terry" merchandise.

The lawsuit remains ongoing.


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