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Tekashi 6ix9ine Stays Silent as He Arrives for Sentencing With Huge Entourage

By TheBlast Staff


1:22 PM PT: Tekashi's sentence was handed down ... and he got four years probation.

1:05 PM PT: Tekashi has now addressed the judge, pointing out that he came from a home with a single mother who never worked. He said his “goal is to be the biggest superstar” he can be and he wants to use his power to help kids like him.

He also points out that the good stuff he does does not make headlines and he referenced several instances in which he gives to charity.

He told the judge, "What kind of kid would want to meet Tekashi 69 if I was such a bad guy?”

Tekashi concluded by saying, "There are people who deserve to be in jail but Daniel Hernandez is not one of them.”

12:55 PM PT: Tekashi's lawyers, Lance Lazzaro and Ian Niles, are looking for a legal loophole by arguing his client has not committed a crime, he has merely been arrested. The terms of his probation prohibit him from committing a crime but don't say anything about being arrested.

He also claims the incident in Brooklyn, for allegedly squeezing the hand of a police officer, is a bogus charge, claiming the cops were "vindictive" when they arrested the rapper. Lazzaro and Niles claim its ludicrous that Tekashi was bound by his ankles with his hands behind his back when he was brought into the station, and they also claim one of the officers assaulted the rapper by punching him in the chest.

They claim the officers involved have given different stories of what happened, and therefore can't be trusted as credible witnesses.

12:30 PM PT: The prosecution held the floor for nearly 30 minutes, and now Tekashi's lawyer is arguing for his client. He is claiming Tekashi is an artist, and one of the biggest influencers on social media. He says Tekashi is someone who grew up in poverty, and the money he makes he frequently uses to give back to the community.

The lawyer also brought up the cancer patient Tekashi visited just days ago. He's stressing that Tekashi's image he creates on social media is not who he really is.

12:20 PM PT: Sources inside the courtroom tell us Tekashi's lawyer is livid because the prosecutors began playing a powerpoint for the court laying out the rapper's violent behavior.

We're told the videos are rehashing Tekashi's gang affiliations, promotion of violence on social media and even how he labeled himself as a "scumbag."

Prosecutors brought up the pending case against the 16-year-old boy in Houston and detailed the sexual incident with the 13-year-old girl.

They also spoke on the shooting at the Barclays Center, which was thought to be attributed to beef with rapper Chief Keef.

Prosecutors are making it clear to the judge that they feel Tekashi has shown a severe lack of judgment in regards to the law and in regards to respect for the court. They are reintroducing their recommendation of 1-3 years in prison

As of now, things are looking bleak.

Tekashi69 rolled deep to the courthouse in Manhattan, but the rainbow-haired kid had no words before his sentencing.

Tekashi and his entourage, including his gigantic bodyguards, trudged into the New York County Supreme Courthouse looking like they were ready for war.

The hip-hop star, wearing a bright orange jacket, appeared calm and composed. He did not make any shout-outs or act boisterous in anyway -- he seems very focused.

This is it for Tekashi, the next moments and decision by the judge in his criminal case will weigh heavily on the future for the young star.

Tekashi 6ix9ine

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