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Taylor Swift May Want to Protect Her Cats During 'Sleep-Eating'

By TheBlast Staff

Taylor Swift's sleep-eating may affect more than her waistline because if she's not careful her beloved cats could be in danger.

The "ME!" singer appeared on "Ellen" for the first time in four years on Wednesday and revealed she involuntarily raids the kitchen at night and "sleep-eats." During Ellen DeGeneres' "Burning Questions" segment, Swift admitted she doesn't remember the fridge raids, but "I know it happens because it could have only been me or cats."

The Blast spoke with a rep from the American Sleep Association, who didn't want to specifically comment on Swift's condition, but warns anyone experiencing behaviors like the star to take precautions for themselves and their loved ones. However, in the singer's case her cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey, including her brand new kitten, Benjamin Button are the ones closest to her at night time.

According to the ASA, the most important aspect is "insuring[sic] patient safety." They urge that if someone is leaving the bed during sleep, "it is important to protect that individual and the bed partner from injury."

While Swift has been dating her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, since 2016, she proudly displays on social media that her cats often share her sheets at night.

The ASA rep adds that it's imperative to take measures to ensure the individual doesn't cause self-harm -- like falling down stairs -- and everyone else in the home is safe.

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