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TanaCon Attendees Can Trade In Their Convention Crap For Free Perfume

By TheBlast Staff

Even though TanaCon was a real stinker, a celebrity perfume company is hooking up disappointed attendees with free perfume, so at least they can smell good while waiting for a refund.

Celebrity perfume company Xyrena, which hawks tribute scents for Aaliyah and "RuPaul's Drag Race" winners such as Trixie Mattel, Willam, and Pearl, is offering a trade-in to Tana Mongeau fans who attended her disastrous convention, TanaCon.

Xyrena is giving a $65 voucher for one of their premiere fragrances plus are willing to trade a gift certificate for the crappy swag that was given away at TanaCon.

In case you missed it, the YouTuber threw her own convention to rival VidCon last month, and it quickly went up in flames. Thousands of fans, some of whom didn't even have tickets, waited hours in the sun for entry to the tiny, 1,100-person capacity room. The local fire marshal eventually deemed the entire thing a safety hazard and the event was shut down.

Mongeau and Good Times Entertainment, the company responsible for planning the event, have since apologized and offered to personally refund fans who paid for a $65 VIP ticket within the coming months. However, many attendees are eyeing a class-action lawsuit.

However, Xyrena is taking action into their own hands, saying "It seems like Tana, her team, and Good Times Live aren't in a rush to do anything for fans, so my company is offering a special promotion to TanaCon victims."

The offer reads:

  1. By simply uploading proof of your TanaCon ticket confirmation (free or VIP) we'll give you $65 off our luxury relaxation and sleep fragrance Cloud No. 9, which could really come in handy after all of the stress you've endured from this fiasco.

  2. Send us your crap from TanaCon (badge, bag, condom, stickers) and we'll give you up to $25 as a digital gift certificate which can be applied to any of our full-sized products.

The $65 VIP ticket included a gift bag that was said to be "worth more than quadruple the price of the whole ticket," but inside was a condom, a plastic wristband and some stickers.

It's unclear how many Tana fans are taking the perfume company up on their offer.

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