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Fans of YouTube Star Tana Mongeau Eye Class Action Lawsuit After Disastrous TanaCon Event

By TheBlast Staff

YouTube star Tana Mongeau's TanaCon was slated to be the next big event in digital influencer gatherings, but was instead dubbed the "Fyre Festival of YouTube Conventions." Attendees claim they were scammed and are discussing a class-action lawsuit against the organizer of the event.

Mongeau has millions of followers, and promoted her convention in Anaheim which would take place in June during the same time as the popular VidCon. Unfortunately, the event was a gigantic flop, and even left thousands of TanaCon attendees waiting for hours in the hot sun.. The event was shut down after less than one day, and everyone who bought tickets was S.O.L.

YouTuber Anamarie Olson is spearheading a movement to gather defendants for a class action suit against the promoter of the event, Good Times. She believes ticket holders should be given complete refunds, as well as compensation for "mistreatment during the event."

Olson tells The Blast, "I started feeling less and less excited about the event because I had a feeling it would be very unorganized, but I hoped for the best," adding "After waiting for about 5 hours in the sun, with no shade or water or food, a representative of Good Times made an announcement that the event was cancelled for the day but would resume as scheduled Saturday with an additional location."

Olson says the next morning it was announced that the convention had shut down for good without any further explanation. She now says she's planning on going after Good Times for "refunds on our tickets and travel, and also compensation for our mistreatment during the event" and is currently in talks with the same firms involved in class action lawsuits against Fyre Festival.

She is not the only influencer upset, popular personality Shane Dawson said his participation and promotion of the event was the "worst decision I ever made."

Olson claims to have around 200 people interested in joining her class-action lawsuit.

Good Times addressed the situation after the convention wrapped, citing "over fifteen thousand unregistered guests" as the root of the problem. The company CEO also accused Tana of making promises to fans that they were unable to fulfill.

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